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Domestic / Nationwide Yacht Transport

Seven Seas Yacht Transport has a fleet of trucks with specialzied trailers providing over the road domestic boat and yacht transport for our clients. We can pick up your boat or yacht from the dealer, private seller, auction or marina, E-bay, boat auction and more. We transport powerboats and sailboats up over land up to 55' long.

All trailer equipment is designed to adequately and safely support your boat and its accompanying structures such as a fly bridge or mast.

The legal height limit is 13'6" loaded on our trailer in most states. If the legal height allowance is exceeded, we can still transport over the road in some cases with pole cars, escorts and route deviations. Our hydraulic trailers are low to the ground and add 6-12 inches to the height of the boat while in transit. Please, ask our team to confirm if your boat can be transported over the road.

All equipment used is air-ride in order to allow a smooth ride for the over the road transport of your boat. Our 53' and 45' lowboy or belly trailer can safely support large oversized boats and have adjustable bracing support systems to accommodate any type of hull design.

For boats that are already on its own trailer, we will send a smaller truck with a towing hitch set up: Ford F250-F350 type capable of towing a boat on trailer with up to 20,000 lbs of weight.

Fully submersible trailers are available to haul smaller boats. These tri-axle, adjustable length tandem trailers can accommodate boats up 35ft in length and are able to pull boats out of the water.

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