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Oversized Workboat Transport

To effectively determine the best transport solution for oversized workboats we need the following information:

  • Type of boat: make, model
  • Hull Type: V- Shaped or other
  • Hull Material: Aluminum, steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber
  • Precise dimensions of the boat
    [Width, Height Overall from keel to top, Length Overall]
  • Weight [Lightship Displacement Tonnage]
  • Port of Loading [where it has to picked up from - address]
  • Port of Destination
  • Desired Timetable to move

How it is done

  • When you have a buyer overseas interested in your boat or working on a proposal to provide landed costs, please, contact Seven Seas to request a transport quote. Make sure your measurements are accurate, because we are allocating space for your boat according to the information you give us. Inaccurate dimensions may result in a inaccurate quote. Keep in mind, we want to know your boat's actual shipping weight – not its Tonnage. If you're not sure where to find this information, look in your boat's stability book for Displacement.
  • Once the Quote is received, reviewed and accepted by the client, we will provide a service contract outlining all terms and setting clear expectations.
  • Upon receipt of the signed contract and payment, Seven Seas will provide our client with loading instructions to prepare the boat for delivery to loading port.
  • A Dock Receipt with voyage details and nominated ship will be provided to instruct the client of the timetable when the transport is to commence.
  • The Load Master and the Stevedores will be notified to expect delivery of boat at the loading port. The client will be provided with the necessary loading port contacts.
  • Prior to transport, please, make sure to deliver your boat as light as possible. Empty all fuel and water tanks as much as possible, however, keep enough on board to get to and from the transport ship. Remove anchors from the deck, make sure there is no water in the bilge. You may also want to flush and sanitize your tanks with a chlorine bleach solution.
  • Remove all personal items from the cabin and store any breakables in a safe place. Your boat may be traveling on another boat, but it's still going to experience the force of the ocean. Don't forget to remove any prohibited items from your vessel's lockers, especially if you're going to be passing through customs.
  • The Seven Seas operations team will be providing arrival updates and any news regarding your transport. Be ready to receive your boat at the destination and inform your client or buyer of the arrival dates.
  • Prior to arrival at the Port of Destination, make sure to coordinate with the Customs agent and your consignee to submit all required import documentation to avoid delays upon arrival. Let us know if you need assistance with Import procedures.



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