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International Yacht Transport

For many boat owners, the hardest thing about yacht and boat transportation is leaving their pride and joy in someone else’s hands. As boat owners ourselves, we completely understand.

When we founded Seven Seas, our aim was to address those concerns to provide an international yacht transportation service like no other. Our approach emphasizes attention to detail, personalized service, which caters to every boat owner’s specific needs and the requirements for his/her specific boat. Your boat’s transfer is completed in close consultation with you. We are always just a phone call or email away to solve any issues or concerns because shipping a boat does not have to be a hassle.

Boat Transport Methods We Employ
Our well-established network of boat shipping professionals and ship owners across the globe guarantees you access to hundreds of ships, latest equipment and technology and the most experienced personnel. This allows us to provide the safest, fastest and most secure boat transportation services for your needs.

Here are the main methods we use:


Lift On - Lift Off Method

Lift On Lift Off Yacht Transport Method

The Lift On – Lift Off method of yacht transport is ideally suited for vessels ranging from 32 ft. to 150 ft. in length and up to 900 metric tons in weight.

In this boat transport method:
· Your boat is brought alongside the transport ship via water on its own power
· Heavy Duty Slings / Lifting Straps are placed by Divers under the hull of your boat along designated lifting points
· The slings are attached to spreader bars and special ship mounted cranes used to lift your boat out of the water
· The crane sets your boat down onto a custom-built cradle on the transport ship
· Your boat is lashed securely to the cradle and the deck of the transport ship
· Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat

Seven Seas employs heavy lift ships for Lift On – Lift Off yacht shipping projects. Custom-built cradles are used to ensure that your craft is always safe and secure.


Float On - Float Off / Semi- submersible Method


The Float On – Float Off method of yacht transport is very versatile. There is virtually no limit to the size and shape of yacht that can be transported using this method.

In this boat transport method:
· Your boat sails normally until it is alongside a specialized transport ship
· The transport deck of the ship is submerged allowing yachts to simply float over the submerged portion of the carrier to its designated position
· Special Cradle systems are placed by divers under water
· Water is slowly released and deck emerges back securing all boats on board in cradles.
· Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat

The semi-submersible ships that use the Float On – Float Off method of yacht shipping travel along specific routes:

U.S. East Coast
· Newport
· Rhode Island
· Port Everglades, Florida

The Mediterranean
· Toulon, France
· Genoa and Taranto, Italy
· Marmaris, Turkey
· Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The Caribbean
· St. Thomas
· Martinique

The Pacific West Coast
· Golfito, Costa Rica

The South Pacific
· Papeete, Tahiti
· Auckland, New Zealand
· Brisbane, Australia


Roll On - Roll Off Method

 Roll On Roll Off RO RO Yacht Transport Method

The RO-RO method is especially attractive and safe because your yacht is transported inside enclosed ship entirely protected from sea and weather elements throughout the journey. The Roll On – Roll Off method of yacht transport allows vessels between 17 ft. and 65 ft. in length, and up to 20ft in overall height on certain ships with high door clearance.
In this boat transport method:
· Your boat is taken on its own trailer to the loading dock alongside the transport ship
· The trailer is rolled through the ship’s door opening into the storage compartment
· Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat

Boats without their own trailers can also be transported using special flatbed, mafy or lowboy trailers provided by vessel ops and designed to accommodate boats on cradles as well.


40ft Containers Method

40ft Container Yacht Transport Method

Transporting boats in 40 ft. containers is arguably one of the most cost-effective methods and also provides good security. The inside door clearance and dimensions of the containers limit total boats size not to exceed 38’ in overall length and 7.8ft in beam (this refers to the dimensions after towers, arches, windshields and other similar structures have been dismantled).

In this boat transport method:
· Your boat is prepped by experienced loaders who dismantle additions to the superstructure
· The boat is stowed securely inside the container
· The container is transported onto the ship
· Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat


Flatrack Platform Yacht Shipping Method

The Flatrack method of yacht transport is ideally suited for a wide variety of boat designs, which are up to 45 ft. in length. This method is popular because of its simplicity, flexibility of schedules relatively low costs.

In this boat transport method:
· Your boat is loaded and secured onto a special transport platform called a Flatrack
· Flatrack is lifted to transport ship and secured on deck between containers
· Upon arrival at the destination, the boat is simply unloaded

Due to the popularity, low cost and high demand of Flatrack service for smaller and medium size boats, Seven Seas offers this service connecting all major ports and marine highways worldwide.


Liner Services (Breakbulk)

Breakbulk Liner Service Yacht Transport Method

Breakbulk yacht transport method is used when transferring boats utilizing container or mixed cargo ships. This method is designed to allow flexibility of weekly on demand sailings from all major ports – no wait time. Containers may be placed around boats to protect and shield them from exposure to open water or weather while underway at sea.

In this boat transport method:
· Powerful gantry cranes or shore cranes are used for receiving and loading yachts ex water or ex quay onto the transport ship
· Once lifted, boat is placed and secured to custom built cradle on deck and lashed down for transport.
· Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat




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