Meet Costa Rica’s Newest Superyacht Destination

Are you looking for the best place to head to during this festive season? Then look for no other place than Costa Rica. Costa Rica- Golfito - yacht delivery crew is there to ensure that you are safely in Golfito. It goes without saying but I will say it anyway, Golfito is located at the south pacific coast of Costa Rica approximately three hundred and forty kilometers from San José. It is a narrow strip along Golfito bay whose back ground are steep green hills covered in pristine rain forest making it an epic place to cruise.

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In addition, Golfito city has a variety of hotels and restaurants, many of which are technologically active since they now offer free Wi-Fi and other internet services, which are super-fast, a good customer incentive. Golfito, as it is known, has been the main port on the south pacific coast of Costa Rica for quite a long period and for this reason, it is considered to be having good docking facilities hence an assurance that your yacht will be safely docked. As if that is not enough, the government has abolished duty on all activities going on in this region hence with duty free stay in here. You will significantly cut down on your spending hence at the end of the day. You will experience the real worth of your money because of duty free shopping and the availability of a wide range of activities up and ready for you in there and which are far much cheaper as compared to typical tourist activities in other parts other than Golfito.

The geographical serenity of this place is among the reasons on top of the list as to why you should consider this place for your summer holiday. Beautiful beaches such as playa Zancudo and the surfing paradise pavones are easily accessible here, you just need to board a boat, car or bus and on the way, you will feel the breeze of this good place.

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That is well said, now take your time to consider places you want to visit with either your workmates or your family members and let me assure you that choosing Golfito will never disappoint you.