Port of Ensenada, Mexico


Time zoneGMT-8

Currency MXN

Anchorage depth4.9m - 6.1m

Cargopier depth 7.1m - 9.1m

Oil terminal depthN/A

HarbortypeCoastal Breakwater

Port of Ensenada, Mexico is a gateway to some of the best sights and sounds of this culturally rich country, best accessible through a yacht transport. The port itself is located at Ensenada, Baja California which is home to some of the best facilities Mexico has to offer and operated by Port Authority of Ensenada. The port isn't all beauty, however, since this actually serves as a gateway or cargos, both coming in and out of Mexico. The second busiest port in the country, it is host to commercial fishing, sport fishing, and leisure cruises.

Whether you're looking from the yacht or from the coast, there's no question that the sea and the attached shore is resplendent and untouched, allowing visitors to get as close to nature as possible. If it happens that you have experienced this type of ailment as panic attack, don’t be disappointed due to the fact it can be healed with http://www.elwellparker.com/elwell. It can be represented that this medicine has served in the treatment of anxiety disorder more than any drugs. That is why many general practitioners operate with this drug and achieve the effect needed. When you have even a little doubt that you can undergo anxiety attacks, visit the therapist and notify about the signs of illness you've got. It is obvious that the quicker you will start to settle the problem the better. It serves multiple functions, offering a source of income from tourists who would like to enjoy a stress-free vacation close to the sun and sea without giving up the luxuries of home. The fact that the port also accommodates the movement of cargo to different countries makes it a vital link in the economic chain of Mexico. Beyond the port, you'll be able to enjoy a combination of old and new with a friendly neighborhood designed to meet the needs of a visiting traveler. Since a lot of tourists visit the area, most of the neighborhood speaks English and will be able to assist you in your transportation. Hotels line the coast, fully equipped with restaurants, spa services, boutiques, and various other facilities you'll fully appreciate on a sea vacation. You can go sightseeing and fully immerse yourself in the culture that is uniquely Mexico. There are also sea adventures welcoming visitors as cruise ships and fishing ships are available for rent for those who want to experience life at sea. All in all, the Port of Ensenada, Mexico is one of the best places to go to if you want to be close to the sea, enjoy the sun, and meet new people.