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most commmon types of boat damages

Most Common Types of Boat Damage, And What to Do

Accidents are a common enough occurrence, no matter the type and size of vessel you own and operate. There are however ways in which you can prevent or minimize the level of boat damage suffered. Let us look at some of the most commonly recurring problems faced. 1.     Dock Rash This is a common occurrence where you have you

Bahamas and Florida Dorain and humberto hurricane effects

Hurricane Dorian Effects?

Although Hurricane Dorian has been downgraded to a category 2 as it comes ashore the Florida and Carolinas coastlines, it is still considered to be highly dangerous. With storm surges expected to reach several feet and expanding winds with sustained speeds of around 105 mph in the early hours of Wednesday, there is much for boaters to be worried ab

Boat Shows You Didn't Know

For those with a passion for sailing on the open sea, there are few things as enjoyable as a visit to a big boat show. They are an excellent platform to display and view the latest and greatest choices in seafaring vessels. Many of the top brands in the industry make a point of showing off their latest designs and technologies. Most enthusiasts

Ferretti Pershing 8X vs Azimut S6

Ferretti Pershing 8X vs Azimut S6

A descendant of the Ferretti Pershing 82, the new 84’ 8X is an aggressive, sleek and sporty update with an aerodynamic profile and a few new features. We will look at it in comparison to another sporty but smaller yacht, the 59’ Azimut S6. Also an update of the 2018 S7, it is the smallest offering from the brand’s new collection. Engine

sheet to cover a boat

Yacht Cover types: Selecting the Right Yacht Cover

There are many types of yacht or boat covers available. Each type of cover is suitable for a specific situation. It is important to understand the function of each cover so that you are able to select the right one for a certain purpose. Yacht covers can either be custom or universal. Custom covers are those that are specifically made for your b

ship a boat from us to europe

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Yacht to Europe?

During spring, the business of yacht shipping booms. People want to use their yacht in the Mediterranean, Latin America, and Asia, without sailing on them to these places. Many opt to fly and have their yachts delivered by shipping companies. Some might have just bought their yachts and they need them delivered. You will need an experienced ship