Yacht Transport Special Sailings: Bahamas - US North East - Canada

Seven Seas Yacht Transport is proud to announce special sailings to accommodate yachts and boats heading from Bahamas / Florida to US North East and Canada. When it occurs that you have confronted this type of sickness as anxiety disorder, don’t be frustrated because it may be healed with Cialis online pharmacy. The research represented that this tablet has assisted in the healing of panic disorder much more than any other tablets. For that reason plenty of general practitioners work with this medication and achieve the outcomes required. When you have even a slight doubt that you may have anxiety disorder, go to the general practitioner and tell about the indications and symptoms you've got. You know that the faster you will begin to get rid of the problem the more effectively it will be. If you have missed your sailing in May to go North from Florida to New York, Newport or North East Canada – now is your chance. 

We will be the fist agency in North America developing regular sailings from Bahamas to Baltimore, Montreal.
We will also be loading regularly for yachts and boats heading south from Canada and US North East to Florida. We will call Montreal, Baltimore, Freeport with frequency every 1.5 months on rotation.

Available loading dates and port rotations as follows:

V.07-N25 Florida / Bahamas to North East and Canada
5-20 July 2016  loading in Freeport, Bahamas 
10-25 July 2016 discharging in Baltimore, Maryland
15-30 July 2016  discharging in Montreal, Canada (Three Rivers) 

V.05-S30 North East to Bahamas
30 May 2016  loading in Baltimore, MD
5 June  2016 discharging in Freeport, Bahamas

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Yacht brokers, captains, manufacturers  and private owners are welcome onboard – ask our sales team for most recent schedule updates and fast quotes on this route or any other routes we currently offer

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